...practice to vision... and back again

Though I trained in London as an illustrator at Kingston University (BA), and graphic designer at Central Saint Martins (MA), I have always harbored a passion for architecture.

Thus I have developed a fascination with Luxembourg’s ever-evolving skyline, where there is an inspiring visual juxtaposition between the historic and the new.  Notably between wonderful mature centuries-old fortifications and today a dazzling emerging new institutional and business district.

I aim to depict this skyline in novel ways that capture its dynamics, contrasts and vibrancy - an upbeat city that is proud about its past and excited about its future.

And so I evolve existing and invent new techniques by letting ideas flow from one medium of visual language to another.  Moving back and forth from painting to sculpture, while remaining playful and experimental, pushing boundaries that take me outside my comfort zone.


May 2018